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At Spark Academy we recognize that teachers are the heart of the instructional program at our school. Therefore, Spark Academy is committed to the recruitment and retention of the highest caliber educators dedicated to our mission and our students. We get excited about educators who are fired up about learning; who want to spend their time discussing, preparing and immersing themselves in the content they’re about to teach and how they will teach it; and who yearn to work collaboratively with their colleagues to build a truly integrated curriculum experience for students. 

We’re looking for educators who believe that family and community partnerships are crucial and reach out beyond their classrooms to build relationships that support student learning and success. We value a hunger for feedback and the desire to engage in an ongoing process of reflection and growth for students and faculty. 

Above all, we are looking for educators who are passionate and committed to early childhood development and providing children a strong foundation for success today and beyond.
Spark Academy is not hiring at this time. However, please continue to monitor our website for future hiring needs.
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