What is STREAMin3?

Under the STREAMin3 approach, emphasis is placed not only on what children are learning, but also on how they learn best. In other words, what children are taught in their early years matters, but the way in which it's taught matters more.

This idea speaks to the "in3" of STREAMin3: Integrated; intentional; interactions.

The curriculum combines academic and social-emotional skills in such a way that children receive genuine, compelling learning experiences.
Teachers understand why they are doing what they are doing at every moment throughout the day. This means they can provide better support to students not only during formal activities, but at any other point as well.
Research shows that a child's interactions with teachers and peers are the most important aspect of learning. STREAMin3 emphasizes the significance of these connections during both planned activities and moment-to-moment exchanges.

Surpassing Standard Curriculum

STREAMin3 embraces several researched-backed differences in learning and meets these varying learning needs with culturally relevant opportunities for children to explore the world around them. Educators are empowered to make the lessons their own through their own creativity and expertise, based on their knowledge of the specific needs of their classroom.

Six STREAM Skills and five Core Skills are incorporated throughout the STREAMin3 curriculum. These skills provide the building blocks for continued learning, encourage children to work collaboratively as part of a group, and prepare them for academic success in kindergarten and beyond.

The curriculum's STREAM Skills include:







STREAMin3's five core skills encourage children to:

1. Relate with peers and adults
2. Regulate their emotions, attention, and behavior
3. Think deeply about the world around them
4. Communicate with others productively
5. Move their bodies to achieve goals

Under this learning method, children are encouraged to become problem-solvers, explore their curiosity, embrace their identities, and to think big!

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