STREAMin3 In Action

The STREAMin3 curriculum has been implemented successfully in over 2,000 classrooms and close to 425 infant, toddler, and preschool programs. Parents, whoa re encouraged to work closely with their child's teacher, find STREAMin3 leaves their child better prepared for school and life both academically and behaviorally.

Educators and school administrators agree that there are benefits to the curriculum as well. In addition to the advantages it offers students, they enjoy the program's comprehensive professional development offerings, flexibility to customize lessons to their classroom's needs, and overall support. Check out some curriculum testimonials below to see how STREAMin3's curriculum could impact your family!

"This program has helped my child be more confident and independent. She has improved greatly in her ability to share, clean up, and control her emotions. She loves ehr school and teachers!"

 - STREAMin3 Parent
"With STREAMin3, every day was a new adventure with my students. It was so rewarding to see their little minds at work as they learned to accomplish new tasks and discovered they were capable of so much on their own."

- Preschool Teacher
"There are so many facets to STREAMin3 that make it so successful for our children. The emphasis on social and emotional competencies not only helps current students to regulate their feeling and behaviors, but it also allows for teachers to maximize their instructional time."

- Early Childhood Program Administrator
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